Where Automotive Light-Weighting Meets the Opportunities and Requirements on the Road Ahead

In an industry that is being pulled in so many different directions by often conflicting motivations and objectives for success; how will automotive companies maintain a competitive edge in the race to achieve the 54.5mpg fuel economy standard set by the NHTSA & EPA for 2025?

The answer lies in the advancement of automotive light weighting through a sea-change of materials in structural and non-structural components alike and the ability to effectively integrate them into cutting-edge multi-material vehicle constructs. Advancing practices in sourcing, modeling/design, manufacturing, joining and maximization of existing infrastructure to support the cost-effective and efficient implementation of these escalating objectives will be the core differentiator for OEMs as they continue to face the challenge of meeting fuel economy and carbon dioxide emission goals.

As a result the 7th Annual Advancements in Automotive Light-Weighting Summit being held this May 18-20, 2015 in Detroit, MI seeks to continue the trend it has developed over the years of bringing to light the latest advances in these practices that will elevate automotive organizations to the levels of compliance and preeminence in the industry.

Key Themes Include:

  • Global Supply Chain Advancements and Innovation for the Development of New Material Sources
  • Formation of Light Weight Components and Structures through Innovative Means like 3D Printing/Rapid Protoyping, Extrusion, Stampings etc.
  • Design Integration of New Material Combinations and Modeling for Nest Era of Advanced Multi-Material Vehicles
  • Identifying Growth Areas through Digital Modeling & Visualization for Vehicle Designs
  • Manufacturing and Joining Practices to Accommodate the Change in Material Strategy Without Sacrificing Existing Infrastructure
  • Maximizing Light Weighting Efforts by Leveraging Mass De-compounding and Holistic Vehicle Light Weighting Strategy
  • Identifying the Next Era of High-Strength, High-Performance, Light Weight Materials being Developed in R&D Labs and Universities Across the Globe

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